Coronavirus Safety Update

Covid-19 Safety Guidance

COVID-19 Safety Guidance Update – 25/03/20

Aspire Trade Services takes the safety of all our, customers, employees and those working on behalf of us seriously and we want to ensure that we are taking appropriate measures in light of the developing status of Coronavirus within the UK.

If at any point you have any concerns, please contact Aspire on the number below and we will be happy to talk through our plans for handling Coronavirus in more detail.

Your support is vital to our operation continuing, but your welfare is of paramount importance.

We ask that you open the door to the engineer to allow access thereafter maintain a minimum of 3 metre distance from each other. Due to the amplified risk to our engineers I would ask that the area the engineer will be working in is cleaned and sanitised prior to them commencing their duties. If the engineer feels the area is not cleaned to a suitable standard he will take photographs of and advise the customer that he will not be proceeding. The customer will still be charged for the engineer call out.

I would request that if a member of the household is presenting with any of the following symptoms you contact the office to reschedule your appointment:

  • Fever (Temp above 37.7C)
  • Cough
  • Stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • General aches, pains, fatigue (flu like symptoms)

We at Aspire appreciate your ongoing support throughout the duration of this outbreak.

Please continue to contact our office as normal though email and phone 0131 555 2416 you will be diverted to our office staff working from home, we are also still accepting payment via credit and debit card.