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5 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Bathroom

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when replacing your bathroom. With so many decisions to make, where do you begin? Before you drown in an ocean of tiling patterns and colour schemes, take the time to consider these 5 points.

1. Tub or Shower?

First, decide if you want a bathtub. This will affect the entire layout of the room. Houses are worth more with a bathtub, so if you plan to sell the house, consider installing one. If you’re not looking to sell, think about your family’s needs. Do you have young children? If you have a tub now, how often do you use it? Do you dream of whiling away a candlelit evening among the suds? Perhaps you’d prefer to ditch the tub to realise the space?

2. Make It Practical

Your first thoughts might turn to style, but be sure to think of the practicalities. Will the loo roll be easy to reach? Can you reach the shower controls without standing in that first burst of freezing water? Would drawers be better than cupboards, for easier access and organisation? How high do you want your vanity cabinet to be? Does anyone in your family need grab bars to help with mobility?

3. Make It Easy to Clean

This is one of the most overlooked, yet essential considerations when replacing your bathroom. No one likes cleaning, so do all you can to make the job easier. Even if you can afford a cleaner, you can reduce how much it costs you for them to do the work.

Some materials are more difficult to clean than others. Consider the shape of the fixtures. Think about any hard to reach nooks and crannies. You may be able to enlarge your plumbing pipes from the average 1.5-inch pipe, to a 2-inch pipe. A surprising amount of gunk and hair goes down these pipes and the extra space will stop them blocking up so often.

4. Consider Going Eco

There are many reasons for you to replace your bathroom with one that’s more environmentally friendly. Aside from doing your bit for the world, there’s also the reduced cost of bills—especially if you upgrade your heating and boiler to a newer, more efficient model. Due to the trend towards sustainability, an eco-friendly bathroom will also add value to your home.

5. Choose The Style Carefully

With so many options to choose from, where do you start? First, think about whether you’re looking to sell your house. If so, an outlandish or unique style may not fit the tastes of potential buyers. Which styles might feel dated soon? Which do you think will withstand changing fashions for years to come? Does the style complement the rest of your home?

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